Hello, Good Roots Members just a quick update on the coming event that is happening here in the Inland Empire area. In just three days KushStock Festival 5! We will be attending along with many other cannabis-enthusiasts, if these events are new to you we encourage that you grab a friend and go. There is so much to do at these 420-friendly events, from live performances by your favorite artist, getting smoked out by the friendly-budtenders at the booths, checking out the best brands in the game, and taking home all the free goodies that you’ll surely collect, Oh and check out the live art! because “Art is Life” and watching glassblowing art live is one of a kind experience. Not all 420-events are free, so make sure to take advantage of this opportunity. You do not need a rec to enjoy the concert, ONLY if you want to check out the 215 areas (booths and products) then you will need your doctor’s recommendation and a valid California ID card to get in. Don’t miss out on the fun, the event will last from 12-11PM, see you there.

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